Kitterman Woods hopes everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for Black Friday.

Black Friday, is the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of the two busiest shopping days of the year. In case you didn’t know, the other busiest shopping day is the day after Christmas, when throngs of shoppers, on holiday vacation, mob the stores to use gift certificates they received, and to exchange merchandise.

Why Black?  In the world of accountants, red signifies a loss, and black signifies a profit. Often, retailers are losing money, until holiday sales begin. Holiday sales formally begin on the day after Thanksgiving. So, Black Friday represents that turning point, from a loss towards big profits!

We hope you enjoy Black Friday almost as much as the retailers do!

Wild as it may seem, there is another interesting special day, celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. It is called Buy Nothing Day.

Are you tired of the commercialism of the holidays? Then, this special day is for you. Buy Nothing Day is a 24 hour moratorium on holiday shopping. It was created as a protest against the commercialism of the holidays.

Aside from abstaining from shopping on this day, it is suggested you spend time with family or reflect of what the Holidays are really about.

Is Buy Nothing Day effective? Do people abstain from buying things on this day? Well, there is a reason why the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.

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