Set up Oates E-Bill for Earth Day

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Dear valued resident:

In celebration of the coming Earth Day on Saturday 4/22/17, Oates Energy and Kitterman Woods are committed to providing our residents with today’s best methods for receiving their utility bills.   With this in mind, we would like to make sure that you are aware of Oates Energy’s online account/eBill options available to you.  Setting up to have your water bill emailed to you is quick, easy and reduces your carbon footprint on the Earth!!

  To register your account online:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Residents”
  • Choose the link “First time user click here”
  • Enter the Security Code from your bill – our site is case sensitive so please enter in all caps (see picture example below to locate code)
  • Fill out the form and create your user login and password
  • You will get a confirmation of registration, click the “Click Here” to continue
  • Enter your username and password and click login
  • You are now logged in to your Resident Account Information.  From this page you can view past and current invoices, you can change your account preference (username, password etc.)

Once you are registered you can sign up for our EBILL or EBILL paperless option.  With this you will receive all of your invoices via email:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on EBILL on the top right of the screen
  • Enter in your email address in both boxes
  • You will be prompted to enter your eBill verification code, which can be found in the inbox of

the email address you entered.  Copy/paste the verification code

  • Once your email address has been confirmed, click on “Sign on eBill” on the top of the screen

and check the box next to “I agree to receive eBill”

On your Oates bill, look for the security code as shown below:

sec code

Thank you for going green and helping us reduce your carbon footprint by taking care of the environment by recycling and reducing unnecessary paper waste!!