Hurricane Irma

We at Kitterman Woods are watching the development of Hurricane Irma very closely.  While we always strive to provide excellent service to all of our residents, we also realize that the safety of our team during a storm is a priority.

Therefore, with that in mind we must close the office due to the impending storm.

We will close at 6pm today and reopen potentially on Tuesday (depending on the aftermath of the storm). 

Please monitor the local news channels as well as the national hurricane center for updates on the storm’s path.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

The National Hurricane center recommends that you have food/water & medications for at least 3 days in case of a major storm.

The windows and patio slider doors are the hurricane resistant glass so we do not have to shutter. Just make sure they are locked and secured.

Please bring everything in off your patio or secure it in the storage closet. Anything left out doors could become airborne and damage property or cars.

If you live on the 1st floor you may want to pick valuables/electronics up off of the floor in case of water intrusion. You are permitted to put sand bags by your patio and/or front door if you wish.

We do not have generators but all of our power lines are underground so even if FPL cuts the power it should be back on quickly. However, this will be entirely up to FPL.  Our maintenance team cannot do anything to restore power to the property.

Water service should not be interrupted unless something major happens at the plant or there is a major breach somewhere in system. Again, this will be up to the county water department. Our maintenance team cannot do anything to restore water service to the property.

The property is designed for drainage however, depending on the amount of rainfall there could be some flooding on the property as well as on the local roads. Maintenance will not be able to respond to anything until the storm as safely passed.

You can expect wind damage to the landscaping and preserve areas as normally occurs with hurricane strength winds. All landscaping issues will be addressed after the storm as safely passed.

Should you have any damage to your home during the storm please be advised for safety. Maintenance will not be able to respond to anything until the storm has safely passed.

At that time, they will address any maintenance concerns in the order of importance.  Providing phone service stays in service you will be able to call in your requests/concerns during the storm by calling 772-461-0444. You can also submit your request via our website at:

Do not go outside your home during the storm as you could be injured by flying debris. Storms are unpredictable so be sure to keep up-to-date on the latest location, strength etc.  You should watch the news or check the NOAA website for guidelines/instructions.

We all hope that Irma will be a passing storm far away from our homes. Please stay safe and we thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this time of emergency.

-Kitterman Woods Management-