Fire Alarm Testing 10/17, 10/18 & 10/19

Kitterman Woods wants all of its residents to be safe. This week we will be conducting our mandatory annual fire sprinkler inspections. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience while we conduct these inspections.

Please keep in mind the sirens will be going off periodically Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday as the systems are checked. This could cause stress or anxiety for your pet, so you may want to remove them for the day or provide extra comfort items for them.


Below are some tips from the National Fire Prevention Association for our fire systems.

(When they are not being tested ?)


  • The fire alarm system has many parts that work together. Some of the parts are out of sight. In a fire, smoke detectors sense smoke and activate the fire alarm. Manual fire alarm boxes allow people to sound the alarm. When the fire alarm system activates it will warn residents of danger.
  • Everyone in the building should know where to find the manual fire alarm boxes (alarm boxes on the wall with a pull bar). Most are found within five feet of an exit door.
  • If there is a fire, pull the manual fire alarm box handle on your way out of the building.
  • When the system senses smoke or fire, a loud horn or tone will sound. Everyone must know what this sound means and how to react.
  • Leave the building right away if you hear the sound of a fire alarm. Stay outside at your meeting place until you are told the building is safe.
  • Treat every fire alarm as an emergency. When the alarms sounds, get outside.
  • Only use a manual fire alarm box if there is smoke or fire. Frequent false alarms are a problem. People might ignore the sound if they hear too many false alarms. False alarms also put firefighters at risk.

For more information on Fire safety visit:

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