Swim a Lap Day is good for your health. And, it’s a fun day, too!

Kitterman Woods knows awe are all happy Summer has arrived. It’s time to enjoy all that summer has to offer, including plenty of time in and around our two community pools. What better way to enjoy the early days of summer, than by taking a lap or two (or three) around the pool. In addition to the fun, it’s great exercise to help keep you fit.

Humans have been swimming since antiquity for survival, recreation, and exercise. Historians and archaeologists have found cave paintings and written scripts that depict swimming as a common and enjoyable activity.

Studies have shown that swimming offers many health benefits. Because a swimmer uses all of his or her muscles while swimming, the activity is an excellent all-around workout. Not only does it burn substantial amounts of calories, it also increases heart activity and builds muscle strength. In addition, swimming can reduce stress and help people relax.

In young children, swimming can help build posture, increase coordination, and flexibility, and can help with motor development.

It’s likely to be sunny and hot today. Find a few friends and swim a couple laps in the pool. Then, let the pool party begin!

Kids sitting by pool