Reminder of Trash Disposal

Kitterman Woods residents:

We’re all human and that means we make mistakes. Leaving trash in the breezeway, on the stairs or in the parking area is the NUMBER ONE way to upset your neighbors.

The leasing team and mainteance team strive every single day to make our community a wonderful and beautiful place for you to live.

Please be reminded that trash must be taken to the compactor and not left out in the breezeways , on the stairs, or in the parking area. This includes water bottles, cups, wrappers etc.

We live in a HOT state, which means trash sitting outside can start to smell.

 Leaving a bag of trash outside your front door also invites WILD ANIMALS to come, rip open the bag, and cover the area with a layer of your garbage.

As per your lease agreement; you are responsible for disposing of trash immediately in the compactor located at the front of the property.

Think of others and make sure that you are disposing of your trash.

Please DO NOT store trash at any time in the breezeways or on your patio/balcony. 

Being a good neighbor is important. Doing the right thing shows that you are a caring and courteous individual.

We thank you advance for your cooperation.

Kitterman Woods Management