Today is the Winter Solstice

Today marks the first day of winter. We here at Kitterman Woods love how fabulous the Florida winters are and realize not everyone is as lucky as us. While other are shoveling snow we shovel beach sand, while they are bundling up we are still worried about sunscreen. So why not enjoy the winter solstice and grab some rays by the pool before the longest night of the year starts.

This year the solstice occurs on Thursday December 21st and marks the beginning of winter and is the shortest day of the year. For thousands of years, Winter Solstice has celebrated the new solar year. It celebrates the return of the sun, as every day now will see more sun, which is at its southernmost point, and now begins its long, six month journey north.

Winter Solstice is also been known as Christmas, Yule, and Saturnalia. It been celebrated by pagans for thousands of years, and many of the traditions now associated with Christmas had their roots in winter solstice celebrations – including Yule logs, mistletoe and Christmas trees. The Druids – the priests of the ancient Celts – used evergreen trees, holly and mistletoe as symbols of everlasting life during winter solstice rituals.

This year, let your winter solstice celebration be an occasion to look deeply at small things, to feel at home in the world and to be just where you belong. Take a walk around the lake or just look outside to admire the beauty of nature and remember no snow for us.

fir trees covered by snow